Myaicampus – A Login Guideline for Art Institute Student Portal at

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Are you a new student of Art College and looking for the ways to use Myaicampus student portal? Then, you are in the right place. This article will give you beneficial information related to the portal of art institute online. Just keep on reading the information below and learn how to register and sign in the account on this student portal.

What is Myaicampus Portal?

This student portal is a platform for art students. The administrative office which provides this portal is in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. But, not less than 50 education institutions in the United States have been using the portal for students who are learning arts. The institutions have art study programs for several degrees, such as associate, bachelor, and master. When art students join for this student portal, they will be able to access benefit information for 24 hours in 7 days.

art institute online
art institute online login page can be accessed at

Besides, the student portal also helps the campus to do its function to inform the art students about academic matters. Moreover, not only the students who can get this full access. But, the college and faculty may also have the access of this student portal. Before they enjoy the benefits of this portal, they should create an account and log in. All users will be able to access it at

art institute login steps

Features of Myaicampus student portal

As like other online portal, students can use the features available on this student portal. If they have been the users of this art institute login portal, they will get chances to take advantages of the following features.

  1. the home page

There are some features available on the home page. For instance, you can get the latest announcement from campus. Then, you can view the upcoming campus event on this home page. Next, there is an academic calendar which provides the information about exam schedules and campus holidays.

  1. My Classes

My Classes is where you can get your class timetable. Moreover, you may take advantage of E-class account or Ecompanion account to get information from campus faculty. There is a syllabus for your class as well.

  1. Academic Affairs

You can find a lot of information about your academic progress. You can check your score here. Besides, there is a GPA calculator to help you find out the calculation of your scores. And if you need textbook information, you can use the feature of updated textbook list on it.

  1. Student Affairs

This feature will help you to get information about student clubs available at campus. Moreover, this feature will connect you to the campus executive to be the member of Student Assistance Program.

  1. My Self Service

You may use this feature to view your transcript. But, this is not an official transcript because only campus Registrar Office which will provide the official one. Then, you can download the Transcript Request Form on this portal before you get the official transcript.

  1. Security Alerts & Update Profile

If you want to update your account profile, you can use this feature. Further, you may use it to improve the security of your account.

  1. Students Resource Center
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It will be a good source for you to get learning media. Students can use the eBooks and education videos from this feature.

  1. Technical Resource Center

In case you find technical difficulties, this feature is ready to help you. There will be some simple instruction which you can use to solve the problems.

  1. Financial Aid

Students can use this feature to apply student loans. But, it is not the only function of this feature. Students can view their transaction histories as well as their loan details provided in this feature.

Apart from the features above, students can still get more benefits from this portal. For example, each account user will get Web Space up to 50 MB from their account. Furthermore, all users will obtain an email address which has 5 MB storage space.

Things Needed for Account Registration

Before you register the account on this student portal, it is necessary for you to prepare all the things you will need for the registration. This way, you will not get confused when you have been facing your screen to register your account. These prerequisites will help you to make all your registration steps feel easier. Besides, you can avoid technical difficulties if you have proper preparation. But, you do not need to worry if you do not what to prepare for your account registration on Art institute Student portal. Here are the things you should have before the registration.

  1. SSN or Student Number

SSN is the abbreviation of Social Security Number. You can prepare an SSN if you are eager to register yourself for the student portal. You can get your SSN if you apply for it at the office of Social Security Administration in your area. In case you do not have this SSN, you may use your Student Number. Every student in an Art Institute must have this student number once they enroll for studying in the campus. If you do not know anything about your Student Number, you may see the administrator of the campus where you are studying right now. Then, the administrator will help you to get your Student Number.

  1. A device

It is important to have a device because this portal uses an online system. For better result, it will much better if you provide a personal computer or a laptop as your device. Even though it is alright for you to use a tablet or a smartphone, the previous devices will show better performances for the registration process.

  1. A compatible browser

Your device will need a browser to access the art institute online login portal. Be certain that the browser which you have installed in your device is compatible. So, it can give you a great experience in accessing the student portal. If you already have the outdated version of your browser, perhaps it is the time for you to update it to the newest one. This way, you will not get difficulties during the process of your account registration.

  1. The internet connection

One of a must-have prerequisite you should prepare is the internet connection. Without this, it will not be possible to access the student portal. Then, you should remember that this portal may require you to use a stable connection. It will make the registration process faster. So, you will not waste your time in front of your screen only because of the slow internet connection.

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Steps to Register Account on Art Institute Student Portal

Have you prepared all of the prerequisites? If you have got all the things you will need for your account registration on this student Portal, you will be able to do the registration process by yourself. The steps in this account registration process are simple. You will finish all the registration steps only in a few minutes. Only, you should make sure that all of your registration prerequisites are in good conditions. So, you will not find problems in the middle of the registration process.

If you do not know how to do register account, you may read the following instruction. You can use these steps as your guideline.

  1. Go to Art Institute Student Portal

First, you should go to the official website of AI student Portal. It is available at if you have reached the Art Institutes student portal, you will see the address change into You are on the right website if you see this address. Besides, you can find several links and some information on the home page. In case you have already created the account here, you can use the login field on this page as well.

  1. Click New Student link

Second, you may click the New Student link. There will be information for you to Click here to create a new account. you can click the word “click here” next to the New Student link. If you click this link, you will get directed to the registration page.

  1. Fill in account registration form

Third, you can register your account by filling in the form. There is some information which you can use to fill in the registration form. You can complete your registration form with some information below:

  • SSN or Student Number

You may use your SSN if you already got your SSN Number. But, it is not a must. My Art Institutes Student Portal has anticipated this probability because not all students have an SSN. This is why students can use their Student Number which they can get for the campus administrator. Just select one field to fill in your number. Make sure you input the correct number in the provided field.

  • Name

There are 2 fields you can use to provide your name. It is because this portal needs to record your first name and last name. The upper field is for your first name. Then, the lower field is for your last name. You do not need to provide your complete name in this step.

  • Campus

Under your name fields, you will see a field to inform the campus where you are learning at the moment. There are a lot of options available in this field. You can select one of the options which shows your campus name. In case you cannot find your campus name, it means your campus has not joined this Art Institutes student portal.

  1. Click Submit

Next, you can click the Submit button after you have been sure that all of your information you provide here is correct. This button will give you a chance to set your account username and password.

  1. Create Username and Password

Finally, you can create a username and a password for your art institute online login account. make a strong password to make your account safe on this portal. Do not forget to save your username and password on a paper or a note app in your smartphone. This way, you can look it up whenever you forget the username and password. If you have finished this step, it means you will be able to try to login to your new account.

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What are the Steps for myaicampus login

After you have got a new account, you can log in and get the benefits of your account. The following steps will help you understand how to log in to your account.

  1. Visit Art Institute Student Portal

Firstly, you must reach the student portal. This address will take you to a website with another address at But, you do not need to thinks it is a false website because this is how this student portal works.

  1. Enter User Name

Secondly, you should enter your username on this student portal. This is the username you have set when you sign up the account for the first time.

  1. Fill in Password

Thirdly, fill in the password which you have created with your username previously. Make sure you fill in the correct password because the account will lock itself if you make 3 false attempts.

  1. Click Log In

Finally, you can click Log In button. Kudos! You can explore your new account on My Art Institutes student portal now.

The Procedure to Reset Password and Username

Are you not able to log in your account? Perhaps there is something wrong with your username or password. Try to get it back using the following steps.

  1. Go to Art InstituteStudent Portal

Firstly, you should visit the website at Once you have not been able to log in to your account, you can do the next step.

  1. Click Forgot Username or Password

Secondly, you can click Forgot Username or Password under the login field. This link will take you to the recovery page for your student account. this recovery page provides 2 different fields.

  • Forgot Username

If you forgot your username on this student portal, you can fill in the following information:

  • Campus name

There is a drop-down field which allows you to select a campus name.

  • Last name

You only need to type in your last name in the provided field.

  • Email address

You will need to submit your registered email address for your username recovery.

  • Forgot Password

If you forgot your account password, you only need to provide your username on this student portal.

  1. Click Submit

When you have finished providing information for your username or password recovery, you can click Submit. This button will help you to get your account back.

How to Contact Technical Support of Art Institute Student Portal

Have difficulties with your account? Contact the Technical Support using some of the ways below:

  1. By phone

To get immediate assistance from My Art Institutes Student Portal by phone, you can contact 1-866-642-2711. This service will be available 24 hours every day, except on certain holidays.

  1. By email

You can send your inquires or your difficulties by email at

  1. By website

You can visit the website and read the FAQs section on the portal. This section will help you find common problems faced by users on this student portal.

  1. By mailing

If you want to give feedbacks for My Art Institutes Student Portal, you can send it to the administrative office at:

The Art Institutes

1500 Penn Avenue

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, 15222

The United States