My Dealersocket Login – Dealersocket SSO and Dealersocket Connect Login

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In the automotive world, sales are not the only purpose of dealers. There are more things to do in reaching a brighter future and developing a successful automotive dealer. Thus, owners of the dealers may really need helps from the automotive consultant which provides services to help the dealers grow into a great business. This is why it is important for dealers to choose experienced consultant company to work well with them. One of the best-experienced companies offering services in the automotive business is DealerSocket. if you are now managing automotive dealers which has the partnership with DealerSocket company, you must know how to access information directly through DealerSocket portal. It means you need to have an account as the customer of this DealerSocket company. You can log in to your account on My Dealersocket Login portal. if you have logged in, then you will be able to explore the features provided by DealerSocket.

You can dig more information about Dealersocket login portal in this article. You may learn the steps to sign in to your customer account, the procedure of password recoveries, solutions and software offered by DealerSocket company, and many more things related to DealerSocket. So, happy reading!

my dealersocket login
my dealersocket login page

What is My Dealersocket Login Portal?

My Dealersocket Login portal is a website where DealerSocket customers can sign in to their account. Through this portal, customers may get beneficial information about growing their automotive business. Besides, the portal will enable customers to communicate to DealerSocket management team. This way, customers can find solutions to solve issues faced by the dealers as soon as possible. However, it is necessary to have accounts on My Dealersocket portal before you can apply the solutions given by DealerSocket company. You will not need to register your customer account by yourself because DealerSocket will create the account for you once you have made a deal to work with DealerSocket company. You just need to come to DealerSocket branches to see the company representatives. Then, you can receive the account credentials from the DealerSocket company representatives.

Besides, you will be able to use the feature provided on Dealersocket SSO portal. Hence, you will have control in choosing what information that you want to obtain through Dealer Connect portal. All services will be accessible if you have signed in to the customer account on this My Dealersocket portal. There are 3 possible ways to access the portal, such as:

  • Website

My Dealersocket portal is available at This website address will take you to the portal with a desktop version. It means it will show better display qualities compared the other ways in accessing the portal. to view this version, you have to use a laptop or a personal computer. Then, you may log in with the steps required by My Dealersocket portal.

  • Mobile Phone

The website of is also reachable via mobile phone. It is because My Dealersocket portal has a mobile version to accommodate the needs of customers who often mobile. Of course, it will be very difficult to stay with a laptop or personal computer every time customers need to log in to My Dealersocket account. This is why; Dealersocket company has created a solution to make the portal access easier for busy people. Customers can launch the browser installed in their mobile device and log in to their account there. However, the display qualities may not be as satisfying as the desktop version as it is not for wide website pages.

  • Mobile App
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My Dealersocket portal is also available in the form of Mobile Application. This will help you to always keep in touch with Dealersocket without login process whenever you want to check My Dealersocket account. it is because the login steps are necessary for the beginning when you have done installed the mobile app only. When you have logged in, you just need to tap the app to enter and enjoy the features provided on the mobile app. If you are eager to install this Dealersocket mobile app, you can download it from Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

my dealersocket login
my dealersocket login guideline

Steps to Login My Dealersocket Customer Portal

Are you wondering how to sign in to account on Dealersocket Login Blackbird portal? It means you need to prepare things required to log in. for example, you can prepare a device with a browser, the internet connection, and of course the account credentials. After that, you may need 1 or 2 minutes to complete all of the login steps. You can check the following guideline to help you log in account.

  1. Go to

First, you should go to the portal of Dealersocket CRM Login. You will be able to reach the portal at You will see a simple portal design with a login section in the middle of the page.

  1. Fill in User Name

Second, you can fill in your user name in the top blank field. Make sure you use the username given to you when you created the account with Dealersocket company representative last time.

  1. Enter Password

Third, you need to enter the password of your account. You will not be able to log in if you do not provide the password. Your password will be the key every time you are eager to log in to your account.

  1. Click Login

Finally, you may click Login button if you have been sure that the user name and the password you have typed in the fields are correct. The login page will load and let you enter the account if the login process is successful.

Procedure to Reset Password of My Dealersocket Account

Do you have problems with your Dealersocket password? The instructions below will make you understand more how to reset your password easily.

  1. Go to

First, you must be on the portal at This is the portal where you can log in to your account.

  1. Click Forgot Password

Second, you need to click a link of Forgot Password provided on the login section. You can find it under the login button. If you click the link, it will direct you to the reset password page.

  1. Enter Username
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Third, it is necessary for you to enter your user name account when you have reached the reset password page. After that, you can click Send Email button. It means you request My Dealersocket portal to send your password reset code to the email address that you have registered when you created your account on My Dealersocket portal last time.

  1. Check Email

Fourth, you can check your email account to find the message sent by My Dealersocket portal. With this password reset code, you will be able to visit a page to create a new password. If the password recovery process has finished, you can try it to log in to your Dealersocket customer account.

About Dealersocket

DealerSocket is a company which provides software of automobile services franchise dealers and independent dealers in the United States. the current headquarters of DealerSocket company is in Irving, Texas. the business started in 2001 and began to give assistance to clients to build their automotive business including marketing, customer support, income, statistics mining, DMS, and some more helpful products. some software partners that have been working with DealerSocket company are AutoZoom, CBC, OpenEdge, SiriusXM, etc. Besides, DealerSocket company also has international branches in Canada and Russia.

When dealers use products from DealerSocket company, this attempt may lead to increases in the online sale, web lead volume, gross, and faster vehicle turning. There are various solutions that dealers can get from DealerSocket company. For example:

  1. Franchise CRM

DealerSocket company offers some services for dealer franchise with Customer Relationship Management. In this solutions, dealers may get helps to improve sales and productivity using technology, get customers loyalties by providing top services, learn marketing strategies, allow customers to get good experiences, simplify dealers’ workflow, make right decisions in business.

  1. Independent & BHPH CRM

Customer Relationship Management offered by DealerSocket company for independent & BHPH dealers will assist dealers to have positive connections with their customers, integrations in managing business flow, have better inventories than competitors, and create the interesting website with digital marketing strategies.

  1. IDMS

DealerSocket company has innovations that will give dealers’ management team to reach a better future in handling their dealers. this solution will provide motivations and insights for the team to build a successful business.

  1. Marketing

With the website and digital marketing, DealerSocket company tries to give assistance to dealers in reaching customers through the official websites of the dealers. The websites may have contents that will interest customers to come to the dealer. Besides, the website can get directed to social media pages of the dealers.

  1. Sales

To increase sales, DealerSocket company will help dealers to set goals and visions. Hen, they may need to compare groups of dealers to improve dealers’ qualities. Besides, there will be the rank that can be a part of dealers evaluation before they can continue to catch their targets. This way, dealers can learn to make proper decisions for their business by the help of DealerSocket company.

  1. Service
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DealerSocket company has software that will be useful for dealers in performing vehicle inspections interactively, giving the best services, and sign orders easily. With this solution, dealers will be able to view the check-in process, give satisfying experiences to customers, get access to contents through photos and videos, and also sending messages to customers.

  1. Customer Experience

DealerSocket company is eager to give the best experience to its customers. Thus, every customer may get support since the beginning of the partnership with DealerSocket company. Besides, DealerSocket will always try to fulfill customers’ expectations as best as they can.

  1. Revenue Radar

DealerSocket company has a Revenue radar that will help dealers to search for Dealer Management System. This solution can track the most helpful way for doing the transaction at the dealers. The point of this Revenue Radar is to give bigger opportunities in services and sales. Besides, customers of the dealers may feel more attracted to visit the dealers than to competitors.

  1. Marketplace

This solution has 3 beneficial tools that will improve service, sales, and CSI of dealers. The solution will help dealers to make their customers satisfied, optimize the potentials of the dealers, build templates for emails, and many more benefits.

  1. Inventory+

If dealers are eager to improve the investment values of their inventories, this solution will provide the best help including Dealersocket Aax. DealerSocket company will help dealers to get through the process of appraising, acquiring, stocking, merchandising, pricing, syndicating, and disposing of.

  1. AutoStar

If dealers take AutoStar solution, dealers may be able to use comprehensive software produced by DealerSocket company. This solution will help dealers to handle all business aspects properly.

  1. Fex DMS

The solution has the Dealer Management System provided through a special website for independent dealers and BHPH dealers. The BHPH allows dealers to Buy Here Pay Here in case they need to purchase products from DealerSocket company.

  1. DealerFire

With this DealerFire solutions, dealers can plan their digital marketing with some strategies. This way, they may get knowledge about social media marketing, paid search marketing, and content marketing.

How to Contact Dealersocket

If you find issues related to Dealersocket account or services, you can simply contact the management team using the following ways.

  1. Website

When you need to let Dealersocket know your issues via the website, you can submit your message on the official website of Dealersocket at

  1. Email

It is possible for you to reach Dealersocket management team via email. Just send your message to

  1. Mailing

If you prefer mailing post to contact Dealersocket management team, you can use it to send your letter to the corporate address below.

7301 N State Hwy 161

Irving, Texas, 75039

The United States

  1. Phone

You may want to get fats responses from Dealersocket. So, do not hesitate to get Dealersocket Support by phone at the following numbers.

  • Sales: 844 361 3473
  • Support: 888 988 6444
  1. Social Media

You can also reach Dealersocket through its social media pages using the links below.

  • Twitter:
  • Facebook:
  • Instagram:
  • LinkedIn:
  • YouTube:
  • Google+: