Freckle Student Dashboard – Freckle Student Login Guideline

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Every person in this world has the rights to get proper access to education. It means each of them may choose the best way to have the best learning process. For students, learning programs offered by an institution or any educational provider can be a part of their considerations. Therefore, Freckle Education has come to provides many learning resources. The provider has really understood how to manage problems and give solutions to students in the learning process. With knowledge and skills received from the learning process, students may expect to get great results no matter what capabilities they have. Students may get access to Freckle Education through Freckle Student Dashboard. Of course, they should have a student account on the portal. Then, students need to log in to take the benefits of the Freckle Education Student Dashboard.

You may get more information about Freckle Education Student Dashboard and Frontrowed Student Login in this article. You may learn how to register and sign in to the student account. Besides, you may find some tips to handle any difficulties regarded with your login attempts on Freckle Education Student Dashboard. Happy reading!

freckle student dashboard login page
freckle student dashboard login page

About Freckle Education

Freckle Education is a provider of online learning resources based in San Francisco. This provider went as Front Row Education at the beginning of its journey to ensure students to get top quality educational programs. However, Front Row Education turned into Freckle Education after some years of getting involved in the education world. But, it does not mean that the main goal of this education provider should change its brilliant concept. Freckle Education still commits to bringing the best ways to learn for students as well as the teachers. On its official portal, students may study several subjects, such as Math, ELA, Science, and Social Studies. The fun ways created by this provider, of course, will be really helpful in understanding the material.

What is Freckle Student Dashboard Page?

Freckle Student Dashboard is a website specially made for Freckle Education students. The portal will help students to log in to their Freckle Education accounts. Students may visit the page of Front Row Student Dashboard at Besides, students can also access the dashboard via the official website of Freckle Education at Freckle Education has related this portal to ease students in their login attempts. It is a must for students to have a registered account if they want to use the student portal. However, students will not be able to register their account by themselves. Thus, students should contact their teacher related to the class they are taking on Freckle Education platform. If the teacher has signed up for the students’ accounts, students can log in through Frontrowed Student Login page.

In addition, not only students may access to Freckle Education Student Dashboard. Teachers must be able to take advantages of the portal as each student account must be integrated into teachers’ accounts on Freckle Education portal. Then, the teacher may invite the student to join the class with a code made before the login process. Moreover, parents may get results of the learning process. Parents will get students’ reports provided by Freckle Education by email. This way, parents will not miss any updates about the students’ progress.

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On Freckles Student Dashboard, students can get resources provided for several subjects, such as Science, Math, English Language Arts (ELA), and Social Studies. Besides, the grades of the subjects provide by Freckle Education are various. Science is for K-8 students, Math is for K-9 students, ELA is for K-12 students, and Science is for grade 1-12 students. In addition, Freckle Education has made 2 options for students before they learn with this education platform. The options will enable students to learn for free or by paid programs. Each option has its own benefits.

frecle student dashboard
frecle student dashboard login steps

Steps to Sign Up Freckle Student Account

If you are a new student of Freckle Education, it is necessary for you to create an account on this platform. However, it is not possible for you to create an account by yourself. It is because the account registration for students requires access to Freckle Teacher account. it means only your teacher can sign up for a student account for you. Your teacher may do the following steps to allow you to have the account on Freckle Education Student portal.

  1. Log In to Freckle Education Teacher Account

First, the teacher should log in to Freckle Education Teacher Account. The portal to log in is available at

  1. Manage Roster

Second, the teacher must click Manage Roster button. The button is provided on the teacher account. The teacher will find the button if he/she clicks the navigation bar.

  1. Add Class

Third, the teacher may add the class by clicking the provided button. The button will show a blank field for the class name. Then, the teacher should complete the class name with a grade level. If the teacher has got a class file in Google Classroom, he/she can simply import the file on the portal.

  1. Add Students

Fourth, the teacher can click a button to Add Students. Then, the teacher must fill in the students’ names in the provided columns. To make it simpler, the teacher may prepare the students’ details on a Microsoft Excel file before the registration process begins. So, he/she can just paste the file. The details needed in this step are first name, last name, and grade of the students.

  1. Click Continue

Lastly, the teacher must click the Continue button to complete the registration process for students’ accounts. If the registration is successful, students will be able to access their accounts on Freckle Student Dashboard Login page.

How to Sign In to Freckle Student Account

It is a must for you to log in to your account on Freckle Education Student Dashboard when you are eager to learn with Freckle Education platform. To sign in to the student account, you can visit the official website of Freckle Education. The website is available at If you have reached this website, you will find a button that will lead you to the page of Freckle Math Student Dashboard or any dashboards for different subjects. Then, you will be able to sign after you have prepared your student accounts credentials, such as your first name, last name, and a code. However, you may take some easier steps to log in. this way, you may save your time to complete the login process. Just pay attention to the instructions below.

  1. Class Code

The first way to log in to your account is by using a class code. The code consists of letters or numbers designed for accessing your account on Freckle Student Login. You should read the code very carefully as the code can be confusing at times. The steps that you should take to log in using a class code are:

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Firstly, you should go to the page of Freckle Education Student Dashboard at This page has a login section that you can use to access your account.

  • Provide First Name

Secondly, you must provide your first name in the upper blank field.

  • Fill In the Last Name

Thirdly, you need to fill in your last name in the next blank field.

  • Enter the Class Code

Fourthly, you have to enter the class code. There is a provided field with a question mark on the right side of it. If you click the question mark, you will get an instruction to get a class code from your teacher.

  • Click Continue

Lastly, you can click the Continue button. it will help you enter your Freckle Education student account if your account credentials are correct.

  1. QR Code

However, your teacher may prefer using the QR code. You must get this QR code if you are eager to get access to your Freckle Education Student account. You will receive the QR code printed on a piece of paper. So far, Freckle Education has not provided a digital form of the QR code for students. If your QR code is ready, you can do the login procedure below.

Firstly, you still have to visit Freckle Education Student dashboard at

  • Click QR Code Icon

Secondly, you will see an icon of QR Code under the login section. You must click this icon in case your teacher share a QR Code for you to log in. if you click this QR Code icon, you will get directed to a page for QR Code login process

  • Select Allow

Thirdly, you can view 2 options available on the QR Code page. The options will ask you to Block or Allow the login request. in this step, you need to select Allow option. You must click the button to do the next login step.

  • Scan QR Code

Lastly, you may scan the QR Code that you have prepared. The scanning process will require a cam on your device. it can be a webcam if you are using a laptop or a computer. If you are accessing the dashboard via the mobile device, you can use the cam in it. After you have scanned the QR code, the page will load and the page of your student account will show up.

Ways to Tackle Login Difficulties on Front Row Student Dashboard

If you find any difficulties when you try to log in to your Freckle Education student account, you may need to recheck several things that may trigger the problems. There are several causes why login attempts are not successful on Freckle Education Student Dashboard. You may find the causes by using the list below.

  1. Device
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The device that you may use to access the Freckle Education Student Dashboard can be a laptop, a personal computer, smartphone, or a tablet. Then, you should install a compatible browser in it. For laptops and computers, you must make sure that you have already had Google Chrome or Safari browser in the device. And if you prefer using a mobile device, you need to use the most updated version of the browser for your device.

  1. The internet connection

Make sure you have connected your device to the internet. It is because the Freckle Education Student Dashboard is only reachable online. If the internet connection does not work, it will absolutely for you to access the page.

  1. Registration

Only students registered on the page of Class Roster can get full access to this Freckle Education Student Dashboard. The Class Roster page is available on teacher dashboard at So, the only solution to this problem is by contacting your teacher. This, the teacher can register your name and account on the Class Roster page.

  1. Portal address

The only page that will take you to Freckle Education Student account is at Thus, you should be certain that you have entered the correct spelling of the Freckle Education Student Dashboard before you log in to your student account. The main page of Freckle Education portal also has a feature that will help you reach You may visit the website of Freckle Education at

  1. Account Credentials

You will need account credentials every time you are eager to log in to your Freckle Education Student account. the credentials you enter in the login page, including your First Name and Last Name, should be the same with the information registered by your teacher. If the credentials you use are not the same as what your teacher has submitted, it will be impossible for you to log in. and the other thing that you need to consider is the  Class Code. As like other codes, you may find it confusing at times. If it happens to you, you may ask for help from someone else to read the code for you.

How to Get in Touch with Freckle Support Center

In case you still have problems with the login process while you are sure that you have done the correct things based on the list above, it is necessary for you to contact Freckle Education. You will be able to reach the Freckle Support Center using the ways below.

  • Website

For any technical problems, you may visit This website address will display a page with a form that you can fill in to inform the problems you have got on Freckle Education Student Dashboard. Then, the website will find out if the system that you are using at the moment is correct to access Freckle Education portal.

  • Email

It is also possible to contact Freckle Support Center via email. You may send your suggestion, inquiries, or any feedbacks about your login attempts or any other topics related to Freckle Education at