Ford Oasis Login – Ford Online Login and FMC Dealer Connect

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Have you just started your career at Ford Motor Company? It means you should begin to get to know much about Ford Oasis Login portal. You will really need this portal as it will help you maximize your working performance at Ford Motor Company. As an employee, Ford login for employees portal is all you need to find out information related to your job duties and the company employees. However, you will have access to this employee portal if you have got an employee account on this portal. Without the account, it will be impossible for you to explore the benefits of Ford Online Login employee portal. Moreover, it is going to be difficult to work well at this motor company if you do not have an account on this portal.

Now, you can get more information about Ford Motor Company employee portal in this article. You will learn about what you should consider before using this portal. Also, there are some steps that will help you sign in to your FMCdealer and Ford Star Login to recover the password of your account here. SO, make sure you read this article until the last section. Happy reading!

ford oasis login page at fmcdealer
ford oasis login page at fmcdealer

About Ford Motor Company

Ford Motor Company a company of automotive producer from the United States. it is the second largest automotive company in the United States and the fifth largest in the world. The headquarters of this company now is in Dearborn, Michigan. As the founder of FMC, Henry Ford built his car company for the first time as Henry Ford Company in 1901. Then, the company changed its name to Cadillac Motor Company in 1902. In 1903, this company started to run as Ford Motor Company. Customers will find it easy to find Ford dealers in a lot of countries in North America, South America, Europe, Asia, and Africa. No wonder, Ford Motor Company has to hire more than 200.000 people to run this business. With the numbers of employees, it is not surprising that Ford Motor Company can produce commercial vehicles, luxury vehicles, automobiles, automotive parts, SUVs, and pickup trucks.

What is Ford Oasis Login Portal?

So, Ford Oasis Login Portal is an online employee platform run by the Human Resource department of Ford Motor Company. To have an account on this portal, you do not need to register by yourself. You just need to see a staff of Human Resource department to create an account on Ford Motor Company employee login portal for you. Then, you will receive the credentials that you can use to log in to your FMC employee account. After you have logged in to the account, you may start exploring the features provided on FMC employee portal. For instance, you will be able to claim your insurance, arrange your retirement plans, and check the newest offers and updates from Ford Motor Company.

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In addition, there are certain things that you need to know about the portal usage. Ford Motor Company employee portal has created this portal with some agreement points that you should approve when you start becoming a user of this portal. the following points will make you understand more about the rules.

  1. Users cannot have privacy expectation.

As you agree that FMC portal users cannot expect much about their privacy in the employee portal, it means you should be aware that you must not put any important information on the account. You should use it for your working purposes only. Hence, it is a must for you to use the FMC employee portal responsibly. However, you can still save your account from any malicious attempts if you do not tell your account credentials to other people.

  1. Ford Motor Company may use users’ contact information.

Any contact information that you have submitted here can be used by Ford Motor Company in the United States. This company may collect, process, and store your information in its database. Besides, FMC may transfer your contact information for business purposes in Ford’s annual report or global affiliates.

  1. Ford Motor Company has full access to your employee account.

You do not need to worry about the security system of the Ford Motor Company employee portal. As it has full access to your account here, it means the company will be able to respond to any threats to your account and the portal. Moreover, the access will enable Ford Motor Company to monitor any information put on the portal. This way, the company can keep your information on Ford Login For Employees from losing.

ford oasis login
ford oasis login steps at fmcdealer

Steps to Login Ford Motor Company Employee Account

When you need to log in to FMC Dealer Connect employee portal, you must make sure you have prepared all the things needed. You can start it from the device; you will need a device like a laptop, a personal computer, or a smartphone if you want to access the portal of Ford Motor Company Employee. Then, you must have an internet connection as well. It is because the FMC portal is an online platform. Thus, you should connect your device to the internet before you access it. After that, you need to prepare the account credentials of the Ford Motor Company employee portal. It includes a User ID and the password. Your account credentials should be valid if you want to make your login process run smoothly.

If you have got all of the prerequisites, you can start the login process now. It may take only 1 or 2 minutes to complete all the login steps. You do not need to feel confused if you have never logged in on the portal previously. You can learn the login steps on Ford Motor Company employee portal in the following instructions below

  1. Go to

First, you should go to the website of Fmcdealer Oasis portal. The website to reach the portal is available at if the website address changes into, it means you are on the right employee portal. When you have reached the FMC Dealer Login Working employee portal, you will be able to read some information about the portal system agreement. You can read the agreement points in the previous section. If you have understood the agreement, you can continue to the next step.

  1. Provide User ID
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Second, it is important to provide the User ID as it is a part of Ford Motor Company employee account credentials. You can get this FMC employee User ID from the Human Resource staff that has created your employee account last time. Make sure you type in the correct User ID in the provided field.

  1. Enter Password

Third, you must enter the password of your Ford Motor Company employee account in the available blank field. Without the password, you will not able to enter your account easily. You will receive the account password along with your FMC User ID from the Human Resource staff. Make sure you save the account password only for you. This way, you can protect the security of your employee account.

  1. Click Login

Finally, you can click the Login button if you have been sure that the account credentials you have entered in the fields are account. the button will let you sign in to your account if the User Id and password are correct. Now, you can explore the features on Ford Motor Company employee portal using your account.

How to Recover Password of Ford Motor Company Employee Account

Do you feel the urge to recover your password on Fmc Dealer Oasis portal? Then, you need to renew your password to keep your account secure. Don’t worry if you do not know what steps to take because the instructions below will help you to get a new password on Dealer Connect portal without any difficulties.

  1. Visit

Firstly, you must visit the Ford Motor Company Employee portal at this is the same portal that you use when you want to log in to your FMC employee account. However, you do not need to focus on the login section as you just want to recover your account password.

  1. Click here

Secondly, you can click a link provided under the login section. You will need to press the link of “click here”. This way, you will get directed to the page for password recovery on Ford Motor Company Employee portal.

  1. Enter User ID

Thirdly, you will see a blank field where you should enter the User ID. You must type the correct User ID before you can continue the recovery process. If you have filled the user ID in the field, you need to click Submit button. Then, it will take you to the page for creating a new password of Ford Motor Company Employee account.

  1. Create a New Password

Lastly, you may need to use your email address registered on the fmcdealer direct portal. Then, you will be able to make a new password there. Make sure you make a strong one by combining the letters, numbers, and symbols for your new Forddirectcrm password. If you have finished this step, you’d better try to log in with the new password. the password recovery is successful if your login attempts work really well.

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Ways to Contact Ford Customer Service

No one expects any problems with their account. But if you do find any problems with your login attempts, you may try the following ways to deal with Fmc Dealer Login Issues. You can use the most comfortable or the easiest one to reach the customer service of Ford Motor Company. These are the explanations for you.

  1. Website

The easiest way to contact Ford Motor Company customer service is by visiting its official website at This website is accessible for employees and customers. On this website, you will be able to read a lot of information about products and promotions offered by the company. Besides, there are more things that you may want to check there, such as the locations, services, and many more. Besides, the website has provided a page where you can share your feedbacks for Ford Motor Company by chat. To do this, you can just go directly to the FMC contact page at

  1. Mailing

If you find it difficult to contact Ford Motor Company customer service by the website, you may try to share your feedbacks via mailing post. This way, you can write down all you need to say on some pieces of papers. After that, you may send the letters to the corporate office of Ford Motor Company.

Ford Motor Company

Customer Relationship Center

P.O. Box 6248

Dearborn, Michigan, 48126

The United States

  1. Fax

If you prefer to contact Ford Motor Company customer service via fax, you may just send your fax to 313 337 1764.

  1. Phone

You may get the fastest responses if you reach Ford Motor Company customer service by phone. in case you have found issues with your Ford purchases or products, you’d better call the phone number of any local Ford dealers near to your residing area. However, if you have more complicated problems, you can try to call the following phone numbers. Make sure you dial the numbers during the working hours. This way, you will be able to talk to the customer service representatives easily. These are the phone numbers that you may use to reach Ford Motor Company customer service.

  • US Ford & Mercury: (800) 392-3673
  • Roadside Assistance of Ford & Mercury: (800) 241-3673
  • Lincoln United States: (800) 521-4140
  1. Social Media

Don’t hesitate to use your social media account when it’s time to share your comments for Ford Motor Company. You only need to visit Ford Motor Company social media pages and leave your comments there. in addition, you may be able to read other people’s comments about Ford Motor Company on the pages. the links below will help you reach Ford Motor Company pages.

  • Facebook:
  • Twitter:
  • YouTube:
  • Instagram:
  • FordSocial: