Examfx login – A Guideline to Access ExamFX Training Portal

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Examfx login is an online portal which offers online training programs. A lot of companies have been using this ExamFX Training Portal to improve their employees’ skills. No wonder, a million peoples have trusted this training platform as the success rate of studying using ExamFX portal is extremely good. It is because ExamFX Portal provides guidance and test that will measure how well the portal users in understanding the training materials. Besides, ExamFX users can visit the portal anytime and anywhere as this portal is accessible online. To be the users of ExamFX Training Portal, employees should create an account on ExamFX official platform. Then, they can use the account after they have taken some Examfx com login steps.

In case you need more insights about ExamFX Training Portal, you can keep on reading this article. We have got you some beneficial information related to registration steps, login steps, ways for password recovery, and ExamFX support center.

examfx login page
examfx login page

What are the Reasons for Using ExamFX?

If you are a candidate of this training portal, you should complete your insight into what you can receive from ExamFX Training Portal. Well, this portal provides 2 main products as it deals with security and insurance industries. For the security industries, it offers some training programs, such as SIE Exam, Series 6 Decision Assistant, Series 7 Decision Assistant, Series 6 & 63, Series 63, Series 65, Series 66, Series 24, and Series 26. While in insurance industries, the programs are Life, Health, Life & Health, Examfx property and Casualty, Personal Lines, Limited Lines Automobile, Limited Sub Agent, Medicare Supplement or Long Term Care, Variable Products, All Lines Adjuster, and Examfx continuing education.

examfx login
examfx login steps

Apart from ExamFX Online Training and Assessment programs, there are several reasons why ExamFX will help you gain success in passing your exam. For example:

  1. Interactive Learning Portal

ExamFX portal has interactive ways for you to learn. It has various contents, videos, and tools that will help you understand more about what you are learning there.

  1. Live Online Lecture

ExamFX provides industry expert that will guide you virtually. This way, you can easily get the lectures online while you can just stay at home.

  1. Online Exam Simulation

This training portal has an exam simulation that you can join online. Examfx practice test has some features that will give you a realistic simulation about the test that you are going to take.

  1. Focused Review

Even after the test, you can still get some reviews about parts that you not good at. The review will assist you to improve your knowledge about the lesson.

  1. OnDemand Video Lectures

ExamFX has video lectures that will help candidates learn better about the lesson which they are taking. Further, this training portal involves experts in creating the video lectures.

  1. Printed Study Materials

Candidates may receive printed materials, tip sheets, and flashcard to enhance their learning qualities.

  1. Instructor Support

If you have questions about the lessons, you can simply ask experienced instructors. Don’t worry; all instructors on ExamFX are industry experts. This way, you can get a deeper understanding of the study topics.

  1. Self-Paced Study
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As you can access this portal 24 hours every day, you will able to learn whenever you want. Moreover, you may reach the portal through mobile devices as well.

Steps to Create ExamFX account

If you want to join ExamFX as a new candidate, you should create the account first. you can use the following simple steps to sign up ExamFX accounts.

  1. Go to www.examfx.com

First, you should create an ExamFX account at www.examfx.com. this address will take you to the official portal of ExamFX training portal.

  1. Click Register

Second, you can click the Register button on the upper part of ExamFX home page. This button will allow you to view the registration page.

  1. Fill in Registration Form

Third, you must complete a form provided on ExamFX registration page. The information that you can share on the online form is:

  • Product Details

There are some details that you should specify about ExamFX products when you sign up the account here, such as:

          Special company discount pricing

You can fill in this discount field if you have got a special email address from your company. This email address will work as your Examfx discount code. However, you can skip this field if you do not get any special discount for ExamFX account registration. If you have done this sub-step, you can click the Next button.

          Product

You may choose one among Securities Prelicensing, Insurance Prelicensing, or Insurance Continuing Education. Then, decide the state where you are going to earn your ExamFX license.

          Training

Some training programs will appear for you. Remember, the availability of the programs may vary at a different state. Besides, it will depend on the product that you have chosen previously. After choosing your preferred training program, you can click the Next Step button.

          Package

Product packages will show up along with the prices. you can select one of the packages that you want. Then, you may click the Next Step button.

          Add-ons

You may use any add-ons products if you want. Otherwise, you can just click the Continue button.

  • Account Info

To provide your account info, you will get 2 options to use the account as a returning user or a new user. As you are doing registration steps, you should choose New User button and it will show a form for your account information. You can fill in the form with the following details.

–           First name & last name,

–           Email address,

–           Account Password,

–           Password recovery questions,

–           And a phone number.

After all of the blank fields are complete, you must click I Agree button.

  • Address

You should tell your valid address by providing information about your current address, such as street address, city, state, and zip code. Next, you can click the Continue button.

  • Payment

It is possible for you to enter a promo code from ExamFX training portal if you have one and apply it in this registration process. But, it will not be a matter if you skip it. Then, you can inform your credit card details, like the name on the credit card, card number, expiration date, and CVV. Then, you may press the Checkout button to go to the last sub-step.

  • Order Confirmation
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You will get directed to Order Confirmation page to get the link of your account confirmation.

  1. Check email account

You can check your email account to find the confirmation info. Congrats! You have officially joined the ExamFX training portal now.

The Prerequisites of Examfx  login process

After you have created an account on ExamFX training portal, you will be able to manage your account. But, you should log in before you can use the account. This means you will need to prepare some prerequisites below before you log in to your ExamFX account.

  1. Account credential

You will really need ExamFX account credential before you are able to log in to your registered account. The credential needed here is your email address and account password. You create these 2 details at the time you are in the registration process of ExamFX account. Without valid email address and password, your request to log in to your account will get rejected.

  1. A device

A device that you can use to log in ExamFX account can be a laptop or a personal computer. You may use mobile devices, such as a tablet or a smartphone. However, the desktop quality of ExamFX portal will work better for you if you use a laptop or a computer. After that, you still need to prepare a compatible browser in your device. The browser will help you reach the training portal without a doubt.

  1. The internet connection

As it is an online portal for training and assessment, it means you should provide the internet connection. It will not be possible for you to access ExamFX training portal without any connections from the internet. Besides, the fast and stable connection will make the login process much easier for you.

How to Take Examfx  login Steps

Now, you can log in to your account after your prerequisites are ready. Here are some steps that you can take to log in to ExamFX account.

  1. Go to login.examfx.com

First, you must access the ExamFX login page at login.examfx.com. This website address will take you to the official portal to sign in to your ExamFX account. In addition, you can reach this login page when you are on ExamFX portal at www.examfx.com. This portal has a Login button that will direct you to login.examfx.com.

  1. Provide Email Address

Second, you can provide your email address in the upper blank field. Your email address should have been registered when you sign up ExamFX account.

  1. Enter Password

Third, you should enter the password of your ExamFX account. you can type the password in the lower blank field.

  1. Click Login

Lastly, you need to click the Login button. It will process your request to enter your account on ExamFX training portal.

A guideline to Reset Password of Examfx  login Account

Did you forget your ExamFX password? don’t worry! You can always reset your password with some easy instructions below.

  1. Go to login.examfx.com

First, you should be on the login page of ExamFX training portal. the page will be available at login.examfx.com.

  1. Provide email address
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Second, you may provide an email address. This is your registered email address that you can use to log in to your ExamFX training account. Without a valid email address, it will be impossible for you to resent your ExamFX account password.

  1. Click Forgot Password

Third, you can click Forgot Password button. You will find it under the Login button. If you click it, you will get an instruction to access your email account.

  1. Check email account

Fourth, you must check your email account. It is because ExamFX will send a temporary password to your email account. Then, you can use the temporary password to log in to your ExamFX account.

  1. Login ExamFX account

Fifth, you can log into the account using the password given to you via email. You should be able to sign in to your account if you need to reset the password for your ExamFX account.

  1. Change the password

Finally, you access Change Password page to choose your new ExamFX password.

How to Contact ExamFX Support Center

In case you find any issues with your ExamFX account or other problems related to this training portal, you can simply contact ExamFX Support Center. There are some ways you can do to contact the support center. For instance:

  1. Website

You may use the page of ExamFX Support Center provided on its official website. Then, you can just click on the Support Center link after you scroll down the home page of ExamFX training portal. To contact ExamFX Support Center through its portal, you need to fill in a message form with the following details.

  • Contact information

You cannot leave your message on ExamFX Support Center page anonymous. Thus, you should provide your contact information, such as your first name, last name, order ID (if you have one), phone number, email address, and your preferred contact method. the contact method allows you to choose how you want to get contacted. It can be by phone or email.

  • Message

After you have completed the fields of your contact information, you can just type in your message. You may tell the issues of your ExamFX account or the training program that you are taking right now. Make sure your message is clear enough to understand. So, ExamFX Support Center will be able to give proper assistance to the issues that you are facing now.

If you have filed in the form with the required information, you may click Submit button t send your message to ExamFX Support Center.

  1. Phone

It is possible for you to take to ExamFX Support Center representatives by phone in case you have urgent issues with ExamFX program or account. This service will be available on:

  • Monday to Friday at 07.00 a.m. up to 07.00 p.m. Central Time
  • Saturday at 09.00 a.m. up to 04.00 p.m. Central Time
  • The service is closed every Sunday.

The phone number to reach ExamFX Support Center representatives is 1 800 586 2253.

  1. Social media

You can use ExamFX social media pages if you want to get updates from this training portal regularly. You may follow the following links to visit ExamFX.

  • Facebook: web.facebook.com/ExamFX
  • Twitter: twitter.com/ExamFX
  • LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/company/examfx/
  • YouTube: www.youtube.com/c/examfxonline