EADMS Login – IO Education Login at EADMS Student Portal

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Everyone in this world has the rights to get a proper education. As education is very important, you may want to find the best place which provides recommended programs to enhance the qualities of your education. Then, you need to consider taking programs from IO Education. It provides the Educator’s Assessment Data Management System (EADMS) for its students. Besides, it offers solutions for educators and schools which have a partnership with IO Education. If you have registered to IO Education, you must have a student account on EADMS Student Portal. You will be able to sign in to the account on EADMS Login Portal. After that, you can explore the features provided by the portal.

For more information about the ways to access a student account on the portal, you can read this article. You may learn how to sign into EADMS Student Login, reset the password, and contact EADMS support center. Happy reading!

eadms login
eadms login page at eadms.com

About IO Education

IO Education, LLC is a company focused on educational technology based in Atlanta, Georgia. it helps to give solutions for schools and educators. The company started Longleaf Solutions, LLC in 1997. Then, the company name turned into IO Education, LLC in 2016. In the same year, this company had a merger process with Educator’s Assessment Data Management System (EADMS). It has been a part of Illuminate Education, Inc. since 2018. Today, IO Education, LLC has a branch office in New York, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and California. In addition, there have been more than 8.000 school administrators in 50 states use IO Education products. it has involved 150.000 educators and 6.000.000 students in accessing its products.

What is EADMS Login Portal?

EADMS Login Portal is a platform where IO Education students can access their accounts for their educational purposes. If you are a student of IO Education, you can only log in to your student accounts through this portal. IO Education uses this portal as the result of a merger process with EADMS a few years ago. Thus, you can visit the IO Education student portal at www.eadms.com. So, what Is EADMS? EADMS stands for Educator’s Assessment Data Management System. It is a software provider of educational data management and K-12 assessment. To have an account on this student portal, you do not need to create it by yourself. A school administrator will help you make an account on the portal. if the registration process has finished, you will get the credentials of your student account. the credentials consist of a user name and a password.

On this IO Education Student Portal, you will be able to get access to IO Online Testing, assessment, schedule, programs, and price lists. Moreover, IO Education Student Portal is integrated into an assessment portal and an online testing page. These are the explanations.

  1. assessment portal

The assessment portal from IO Education will allow students to do assessment given by educators in improving the qualities of students’ learning process. This portal is required its users to have an internet connection if they want to access it. it means students can visit the portal as longs as they can go online. Besides, parents may have accounts on this portal. this way, parents can get information about their children’s’ learning results.

  1. online testing page
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What Is EADMS Testing? It is a testing system which let students do online tests from their teachers. What makes this testing page different is that students cannot use the portal at home. Even though it requires the internet connection, the student should do the test at IP addresses recognized by the Educator’s Assessment Data Management System (EADMS). Moreover, this online testing page should be accessed using a password created by teachers. The password will only be valid for 30 minutes only. If the time limit has passed while students have not used the password to log in, the students need to ask for the teachers to get a new password of eadms.com Student Online Testing page.

eadms login
eadms login steps

Steps to login to Student Account on EADMS Portal

After your account registration process has been over, you may use the account credentials to log in. the login process will only take 1 or 2 minutes. If you never have any experiences to log in on this student portal, you may follow the steps below to start the login process.

  1. Go to eadms.com

First, you must go to IO Education Student portal. It is available at www.eadms.com. When you have been on the portal, you may focus on the login section. Through this IO Education Login section, you can access your student account.

  1. Provide User Name

Second, you may provide the user name of your student account. You should type in the user name in the upper field.

  1. Enter Password

Third, you can enter your student password on this IO Education Student portal. you will really need the password to unlock your student account. You can enter the password in the lower field.

  1. Tick Remember Me

Fourth, you will see a small box stated Remember Me. You can tick the box if you want the IO Education Student portal to remembering your account credentials. This way, the portal will give you automatic account information when you are trying to enter your student account. However, you must be sure that the device that you are using with this Remember Me setting is safe. If you set this option on a public device, it can be unsafe for your student account.

  1. Click Log Me In

Finally, you may log in using a button under the login section. Click Log Me In button to send your login request. The page will load and your account page will appear if you have entered correct credentials of your student account. Kudos! You may take the advantages of your account now.

Procedure to Reset Password of EADMS Student Account

In case you cannot log in to your student account due to any problems with your password of EADMS Student Account, you’d better fix it soon. You can do the [password recovery process by yourself. The following procedure assists you to reset your password without contacting your school administrator. Moreover, it will not take too long to reset your password. just pay attention to this procedure.

  1. Go to www.eadms.com
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Firstly, you should go to EADMS Student Login Portal. you will be able to reach the portal at www.eadms.com. to reset your password, you should go to the same portal where you can log in to your IO Education student account.

  1. Press Forgot Password

Secondly, you need to click a link stated Forgot Password. If you click it, you will get directed to EADMS password recovery page.

  1. Inform Email Address

Thirdly, you can inform your email address on the page. After that, you may click the Submit button. The portal will send a link to your email address. A notification to check your email account will appear for you.

  1. Visit Email Account

Fourthly, you need to visit your email account. you need to sign in to check your inbox. There will be an email from EADMS student portal that you can find in your inbox. The email will give you instructions that you should follow. Besides, there is a link that will take you to the main page of the password reset process.

  1. Create a New Password

Lastly, you may create a new password in the recovery page. Make sure you create the new password from numbers, letters, and symbols. The combinations will result in a strong password to protect your IO Education student account.

How to Access Student Assessment Portal

As you all know, EADMS Online Student Login portal has provided access to Student Assessment Portal. it means you must know how to take advantage of the portal. These are the explanations about using Student Assessment Portal.

  1. Registration Process

The first thing to do is to create an account on Student Assessment Portal. These are the steps to do the registration process by yourself.

Firstly, you can go to portal.assessment.ioeducation.com. It is the address of the Student Assessment Portal. Moreover, it is possible for you to reach the portal at www.eadms.com. There is a button that will direct you to the Student Assessment Portal on IO Education Student Portal.

  • Need to Register?

Secondly, you can click a link stated “Need to Register?” the link will let you select the type of your account. It can be a student account or a parent account.

  • Enter Personal Details

Thirdly, you may enter your personal details. For instance, you may inform your Student ID, registration key, account user name, password, birth date, and email address.

  • Click Login

Lastly, you need to click the Login button. It will help you to get your Student Assessment account.

  1. Login Steps

After you have registered your student assessment account, you can log in to get full access on the student assessment portal. The following steps will help you to sign in.

  • Visit portal.assessment.ioeducation.com

First, you can visit the Student Assessment Portal at portal.assessment.ioeducation.com. The portal should be the same portal for Student Assessment registration. Besides, you can visit the assessment portal via IO Education Student Portal.

  • Fill in User Name
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Second, you may fill in the User Name that you have created on the registration page.

  • Provide Password

Third, you need to provide the password for your student assessment account. It will help you unlock your account.

  • Click Sign In

The last step is to click Sign In button. it will help you access your student account to start doing the assessment.

  1. Access Via Google

You can also access your student assessment account via Google. You can follow the instructions below if you’d rather use Google to log in.

  • Go to Student Assessment Portal

First, you should go to the portal of IO Education student assessment. The portal is at portal.assessment.ioeducation.com.

  • Click Google

Second, you will get 2 options that you can use to sign in to your account. The first option is to sign in using your student assessment account. The second option will allow you to access your student assessment account via Google. If you prefer Google, you can click the Google button. Then, the button will bring you to the Google login page.

  • Enter Email Address

Third, you may enter your email address on the Google login page. it should be an active Google email address.

  • Fill in Password

Fourth, you must fill in the password field with the correct password for your active email address.

  • Click Next

Lastly, you should click the Next button. It will help you to sign in and also access your student assessment account.

Ways to getting Helps from EADMS Support Center

Have you got any troubles with your IO Education student portal? Do not feel confused as IO Education has provided EADMS Support Center to help you tackle the problems. These are the ways to find help from EADMS Support Center

  1. Phone

If you prefer to contact the IO Education Support Center by phone, you can reach the representatives at 866 817 0726. This phone number is available at normal working hours. you may get immediate responses if you contact the Support Center via phone as you can talk and explain to the representatives directly.

  1. Email

The email address where you can reach IO Education Support Center is available at info@ioeducation.com. You may send your email to the address if you need to let the support center know about your problems in detail. Besides, it can be a good option in case you do not have time to talk a lot to the representatives of IO Education Support Center.

  1. Mailing

When you prefer using mailing post to contact IO Education Support Center, you just need to prepare your sheets of papers. Then, you may send your letters to these addresses.

  • Main Office

3280 Peachtree Road NE, 6th Floor

Atlanta, Georgia, 30305

  • Additional Offices
  1. 25 Broadway, 9th Floor

New York, New York, 10004

  1. 213 7th Avenue North East

Charlottesville, Virginia, 22902

  1. 200 Knickerbocker Ave

Bohemia, New York, 11716

  1. 25032 Las Brisas Road, Suite D

Murrieta, California, 92562