Art Institute Student Portal – My AI Student Portal Login at Myaicampus Portal

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Have you just finished the admission process at one of The Art Institutes locations? it means you will be able to start your school days really soon. Besides, you need to study well to pursue your academic goals at The Art Institutes. To enhance the quality of your study at this school, you need to access The Art Institute Student Portal. You have to create an account if you are eager to use the features provided by the student portal. then, you will be able to take the advantages from this portal.

Do you need more information about the procedure to register an Ai Student Portal Login account? You can learn a lot from this article. Besides, there are some steps that you may use to sign in to your account and reset your user name and password for The Art Institutes student account at Myaicampus. So, happy reading!

art institute student portal
art institute student portal login page

About The Art Institutes

The Art Institutes is a group of schools in the United States.  Managed by Education Principle Foundation, The Art Institutes has claimed to use non-profit school system. The headquarters of the foundation itself is situated in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. There are several programs offered by The Art Institutes, such as associate degree, bachelor’s degree, and master’s degree. Besides, it also issues certificates in some study fields, like culinary arts, applied arts, creative arts, and visual arts. Currently, The Art Institutes branches are available in Miami, Tampa, Atlanta, Austin, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, and Virginia Beach.

What is The Art Institute Student Portal?

The Art Institute Student Portal is an online platform for The Art Institutes students. Every student who has registered to study at The Art Institutes should access this student portal frequently. The Art Institutes has created the portal to be a good source for students to study. Besides, the information provided by the Student Portal Art Institute is available for 24 hours each day. Hence, students should create a student account at if they are eager to get the advantage of this student portal. The account registration can be done individually. So, students who need to get accounts on this portal do not have to see school administrators make students accounts for them.

In addition, not only The Art Institutes students have access to this portal. But, college and faculty administrators at The Art Institutes may visit this student portal to keep updated with students’ progress. Besides, The Art Institutes will be able to share the newest information about the school programs on Myaicampus Student Portal. Then, the students can check the information through their student account.

art institute student portal
art institute student portal login guideline

What are the features of My Ai Student Portal?

When you have registered as a user of The Art Institutes student portal, you will have full access to all features provided there. the features will be absolutely beneficial for you. Besides, every account on this student portal may receive 50 MB Web Space. Also, each email address used for the account is able to store 5 MB data.

  1. Home Page
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The first feature that you will see once you have been on Myaicampus Student Portal Login account is the home page. You will be able to read some updates from The Art Institutes through this page.

  1. My Self Service

My Self Service will help you check your non-official transcript. If you need the official one, you can visit The Art Institutes Registrar Office.

  1. My Classes

You will get information about your class schedule through My Classes feature. Besides, you may find syllabus details for your study here.

  1. Student Affair

If you feel interested with student clubs at The Art Institutes, this feature will help you a lot. It will let you reach the campus executive when you are eager to be a Student Assistance Program member.

  1. Academic Affair

This feature contains academic information of yours. You will be able to view score and textbook information. Moreover, it provides a GPA calculator that will assist you count your scores.

  1. Financial Aid

For students with financial difficulties, there is a program for the student loan. With this Financial Aid feature, students may apply to take the loan provided by The Art Institutes.

  1. Students Resource Center

If you need more information to learn, this Student Resource Center has provided educational eBooks videos to access.

  1. Technical Resource Center

This feature will help you get helps when you find troubles on your student account.

  1. Security Alerts & Update Profile

You may set your profile and security system using this feature. It is important to have a safe account as you may need to store some information here.

How to Sign Up Account on Myaicampus Login

If you are eager to use the features on The Art Institute Login portal, you must have a student account first. It means you should make some registration steps by yourself. In order to make a smooth registration process for your student account, you should prepare some requirements. For instance, you will need a device with a browser. A laptop or a personal computer is more preferable than a smartphone or a tablet. Then, do not forget to connect your device to the internet as you must do the registration process online. Also, your ID card can be useful as well.

After you have made a good preparation, you can sign up an account on The Art Institutes student portal. if you do not know how the instructions below will help you sign up.

  1. Go to

First, you must go to The Art Institutes student portal. you will be able to reach it at Moreover, you can use another portal address at Both of the address will take you to the same student portal of The Art Institutes. When the portal has appeared, you will see a home page with some links and information.

  1. Click here

Second, you need to focus on the Login section on the right part of the page. This login section has a link stated Click Here for new users.  So, if you are a new The Art Institutes student, you should click this link to make a new account on this student portal. the link will help you reach a page for new account registration.

  1. Complete Registration Form
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Third, the registration page has a blank form that you should complete. It means it is necessary for you to fill in the form with some information needed for your new student account. Here are the details that you may submit on this registration form.

  • SSN

The first field is for your SSN (Social Security Number). You can fill in this field if you have already got your SSN. If you need to have this SSN, you may visit the Social Security Administration office near to your place and apply for your Social Security Number. However, this is optional. You can skip this field if you do not have SSN.

  • Student Number

The second field is for your student number. You must receive a student number from The Art Institutes administrator once your admission process is done. Then, you may use the student number to create a new student account. in case you have found any problems with this student number, you can see a school administrator help you solve the problems.

  • Name

The third field is for your first name, while the fourth field is for your last name. You must fill in these fields correctly to prevent any failure in your registration process. it is because this student portal is integrated with data made by The Art Institutes administrator.

  • Campus Location

The last field to fill in is for information about the campus location of The Art Institutes. You can just click the field and a list of locations will drop down. After that, you have to select one of the locations based on the campus where you have enrolled. You may inform the Registrar’s Office if you cannot find your campus location in the drop-down field.

  1. Click Submit

Fourth, you should submit the information you have filled in the registration form. Just click Submit button under the form. Then, it will direct you to the page to set up your account credentials.

  1. Make User Name and Password

Finally, you will be able to make your account user name and password on The Art Institutes student portal. Make sure you make a strong password here to protect your student account. You’d better save the account credentials very well. so, you can just look up your note when you cannot remember them.

Steps to Sign In Account on Myaicampus Portal

After your new account is ready, you will be able to sign in using some simple steps on My Ai Campus Student Portal. Besides, the process will not take too much time. Just follow the instructions below to log in.

  1. Go to

First, you must go to whenever you want to sign in to your student account. Also, can help you to go to the student portal as well. This time, you just need to focus on the login section on the portal home page.

  1. Provide User Name

Second, you can provide the user name for your student account. Make sure you type in right based on The Art Institutes user name that you have created last time.

  1. Enter Password
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Third, you need to enter the password. you can use this information to unlock your account. If you cannot enter the right password, the portal will not give you access to The Art Institutes student account.

  1. Click Log In

Finally, you may click Log In button to end the login procedure. The button will let you view your account if the account credentials that you have submitted match the account information stored on the portal. Congrats! You may start the access to The Art Institutes student portal right now.

Procedure to Reset Password and Username of Aii Student Login Account

In case you have found issues with your password and username, you may want to fix them by yourself. So, this is the procedure to reset your account credentials on The Art Institutes student portal.

  1. Visit

First, you can visit The Art Institutes portal at This should be the same portal you’ve used for sign up and sign in the process previously.

  1. Click Forgot Username or Password

Second, you may click a link of “Forgot Username or Password”. Once you have clicked the link, you will get directed to a page for Username and Password recovery procedure. You will see 2 options on this page. here is the explanation.

  • Forgot Username

If you need this option, you can submit some details below.

  • Campus location

Just click a drop-down field and a list of The Art Institutes locations will appear. You can choose one of the locations.

  • Last name

You must inform your last name only. Your first name is not necessary on this page.

  • Email address

An email address is a must for every account. You should use the email address that you have registered on this student portal.

If you have done all the steps needed here, you can click the Submit button.

  • Forgot Password

When you forgot the password for your student account, you can simply inform your account user name. Then, you may submit the information by clicking the button provided on the page.

Ways to Get Myaicampus Online Technical Support

Did you experience any difficulties in using The Art Institutes student portal and account? Do not worry because there are several ways you can do to fix the problems. You may try the following ways.

  1. Website has a FAQ page that will help you understand more about the student portal. you may check this page for your initial efforts to solve any technical problems to your account.

  1. Email

If it is possible for you, you can ask for help from The Art Institutes technical support via email. Just let the technical support representatives know about the problems through

  1. Mailing

It is permissible to send your feedbacks about The Art Institutes by mailing post. You may send your letters to:

The Art Institutes

1500 Penn Avenue

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, 15222

The United States

  1. Phone

In case you need immediate replies from The Art Institutes technical support, you may contact the representatives via phone at 1-866-642-2711. This phone number is available on Monday to Friday (except on holidays) from 08.00 a.m. until 05.30 p.m.