Zahra Noorbakhsh


Kamau Right Now

#KamauNow is BACK! Bay Area comedian W. Kamau Bell is teaming up with KALW for a brand-new second season of KAMAU RIGHT NOW!, a live talk-show broadcast and social media event. Kamau and his guests aim to transform the current political and cultural conversation into “a three-ring circus of relevance" as they try to figure out what is going on RIGHT NOW. There will be provocative conversation. There will be respectful debates. There will be much laughter (and probably a few hugs, too) - we know we'll need a lot of both in the upcoming four years. 

Be a part of our live audience, and experience all the hilarity and awkwardness (plus post-show Afterparty) in person, OR listen live at 7pm on KALW 91.7FM or to catch the show!

Use the hashtag #KamauNow for a chance to become part of the show, whether you're there or not - share a joke, fact check us, let us know what you're passionate about right now, go on, even heckle us from afar. We might read it live on air! We want to know what you want to hear.

Professor Ian Haney Lopez, who examines how racism has evolved since the civil rights era
Pastor Michael McBride, "Pastor Mike"
Zahra Noorbakhsh, our favorite Feminist Muslim, Iranian-American comedian

with more to be announced soon!

(Psst, we've got a discount code for students: wkbstudent17)