Zahra Noorbakhsh

Feminist, Muslim, Iranian-American, Comedian

Zee TV Desi Comedy Fest

The Desi Comedy Fest is back for its third year with 50 comedians traveling from 9 countries to be part of the fest!

Our 3rd show will be in the beautiful county of Sonoma. 
Set in a circa-1860s two-story red schoolhouse with front and back porches, the new Muscardini Cellars is packed with playful diversions, including a model train circling on a track above the large, oval wood bar, a couch, rotating selections of artwork, and an expansive gift area offering

Showtime: 7pm
Tickets :

Desi Comedy Fest is the largest South Asian comedy festival in America. Desi, pronounced as “They- See”, is a loose term for the cultures and products of South Asia and their diaspora, derived from the Ancient Sanskrit देश (deśá or deshi), meaning Land or Country. "Desi" countries include Afghanistan, Bhutan, Bangladesh, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.